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Interieurontwerp interieurstyling


Interieurontwerp interieurstyling

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Interieurontwerp interieurstyling


Interieurontwerp interieurstyling


Are you moving, renovating or redecorating your home or office? As an interior designer, I like to make things easy for you with a full-service interior design concept. You then know for sure that all the individual elements of the interior together, are in harmony. This not only results in the best layout for the space, but also the right look.

I design timeless, atmospheric interiors for individuals and companies. Interiors with character that radiate your personality or your company’s identity. A place with it’s own ambiance. 

Because what do you want to feel when you enter your home or office? Does the ambiance of a (world) city or country make you happy?

With expertise and creativity, I give your home or business a personal look. An interior you won’t get bored of. How sustainable is that?

from full-service design to advice and guidance

Interieurontwerp interieurstyling

Besides a full-service interior design concept, you can also hire me for interior advice. And are you going to build or renovate? I know what is needed and what to look out for. I also take over a lot of work when it comes to project management. Stay in control and be guided in the right direction or let me take care of your complete interior; it’s up to you.

Regarding interior advice, you can either choose between an advice for interior lightning, color schemes, furnishing or furniture. Or a combination of those elements. Contact me to discuss which is best for you.

who am I?

For me an interior should not only look good. It should also feel good. Ambiance is very personal and hard to put into words. You can only experience it. By stepping into the shoes of my clients, I find out what makes their home or office so special.

That’s also what my clients notice when working with me. For example, they say: ‘We love it! You empathized with us very well.’ Or…‘I am super-happy with the design and already feel really at home. Am really very happy with how and what you designed!’

personalized offer

To realise your interior design wishes, I use 2D and 3D drawings, mood boards, samples, colour and material schemes. I only use what is necessary to achieve the goal. By doing this, you not only get a personal interior design, but you will also receive a personalized quote.

Interieurontwerp interieurstyling

let’s get in touch

Do you have a question? Would you like to meet or request a quote?

Fill out the contact form on my website or call +316 48 11 47 76. I am also available on WhatsApp Business.

Do you have a question? Do you want to get acquainted or request a quote? Fill out the contact form on my website or call +316 48 11 47 76. I can also be reached via WhatsApp Business.